Last one today.

I have a question for you – what type of exercise is more effective for weight loss – cardio or strength?

Easy answer for me today.

Strength training.

Like we do at DPM.

Which in a nutshell is resistance training, using either your own bodyweight or things like strength tubes, foam rollers, bands, ab wheels etc.

I’ll take that over long distance cardio like running or bike riding or whatever any day of the week.

When it comes to losing those stubborn kilos, there is nothing more effective workout wise.

Of course, you need to be taking care of the food side of the equation to maximise your results,

but some high intensity interval training like we do – periods of work at a decent level, with short periods of rest, is the perfect game plan.

Now, if you haven’t done much lately, don’t get put off by the words ‘high intensity interval training’.

For you, high intensity might just be doing ANY type of exercise.

Cause it’s a higher intensity than doing nothing.

Remember at DPM, I’m all about you working at YOUR pace.

Not at the pace of anyone else.

Even in our small group sessions you don’t have to ‘compete’ with anyone.

Some have certain injuries or restrictions which means they can’t do certain exercises.

They do an alternative.

It’s easy for me to manage cause I’ve been doing it for so long, so don’t think it’s a burden to manage.

I’d rather you work at your capacity,

and work on building that capacity so you can do more each time and over the course of a few months,

or years you’ll be totally stunned by your level of improvement.

I’ll guarantee that.

So hopefully that covers all your questions that were submitted,

I enjoyed doing this,

might have to do it again next year.


PS – as I mentioned yesterday, if there’s anything you want to see added to your DPM workouts next year, or even something else like social stuff or whatever. Let me know your thoughts 


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