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Your questions.

Another question is around cardio vascular fitness – long term do the DPM workouts help with your cardiovascular fitness or do you still need to do some cardio? 

This is a great question.

And the answer is it depends.

For every day people like you and me, it is enough.

But, If you plan on entering a half marathon race without training and just running off the back of our sessions, you might struggle.

That should seem obvious though.

You could do it.

And I know people who’ve done it on limited preparation on the back of the sessions.

So technically, yes it can.

Would I recommend that approach? No.

But like I said, for everyday fitness like ours, definitely.

I can’t tell you the last time I went for a long run.

Well actually, I can.

It was 13 years ago.

I ran about 17km just after doing the city to surf and my knees blew up and I finally got the message that my body wasn’t liking it.

So my cardio fitness these days is the same sort of workouts that you do.

Yep I practice what I preach there.

I also add in a couple of walks a week 45 minutes to an hour in duration.

In a nutshell then, if you want to run or swim or whatever for cardiovascular health or cause you enjoy it, go for it

Do you have to? Definitely not.

Hope that helps.


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By the way, that means you lock in this years investment too – before it increases next year. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow and what’s going to be changing.

But for now, more info about getting started this year is below or hit reply and ask if you have a question 



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