As promised, here’s another of your questions that I wanted to cover.

In fact this one comes in a couple of parts and one of them I’ll reveal my game plan right now…

I’d love to know your secrets for maintaining weight once you’ve got to your goal how do you keep it there.

Whats you routine in terms of food & exercise.

Should we continue to still do the 3 workouts, and use a food diary forever?


3 parts so lets tackle them one by one.

1) Maintenance weight is a pretty cool thing to hit.

You’ve dropped the kgs you wanted.

You’re looking great.

You’re feeling even better.

But if you keep on with the same game plan you’re going to lose a bit too much.

So when you reach that maintenance time, you can release the brakes a little bit.

You don’t have to follow the detox religiously.

You can add in an extra cheat or three here and there and it doesn’t really matter the end result.

You can add in a bit more carbs then normal.

But here’s the kicker:

You need to have a ripcord.

By that I mean have a limit where if you reach it you pull the ripcord and get back on track.

For you it might be a clothes thing, or a weight thing.

Whatever works for you.

Cause if you don’t and  you overdo the cheats and the carbs on a regular basis – you’ll only end up putting on the weight you worked so hard to get off.

Obviously. Christmas and special occasions, you’ll cop this.

Normally you really don’t want to play that game.

2) my routine? Basically what I mentioned above right now. I’m in a maintenance phase. Not focusing on losing weight, but definitely not wanting to put on any.

Actually, by weight I mean how my clothes feel.

I don’t exactly know what I weigh now.

I just now how my clothes feel.

And if that belt gets too tighter than I’ll have to pull my rip cord.

My workout plan is similar to what you do these days.

I do 2 workouts a week usually and 2 walks.

I find that’s the balance that works for my body and my injuries these days.

3) As for food diary – only if you need the accountability on a weight loss phase. Not necessary otherwise.

And as for 3 workouts – find the balance that works as part of your maintenance phase.

My rip cord would involve me adding in another workout day.

Hope that helps.


PS – need a bit of extra accountability to help you get back on track?

Time to get started now and get some runs on the board before we break for Christmas, and before I start the waiting list for 2018.

Hit reply now and let me know whether you’re interested in the small group sessions or some 1-on-1 PT. We can get a good solid month in before Christmas – providing you start now!


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