Just like the RTA advertise (or whatever they call themselves these days) –

you need a safe plan B option to get you home after you’ve had a few wineos.

And just like them, I’ve got your back.

See, being the long weekend and all just gone, combined with school holidays,

I figure that you may not be able to make every session you’d normally make.

That is if you want to keep on track with what got you started in the first place.

So here’s a bodyweight workout for you to knock out.

In fact it’ll only take you 15 minutes or so.

Following on from what I mentioned last week about not needing hours to get in an effective workout.

Noticing a pattern now?

If you missed it, here’s the deal:

The beauty of the shorter workout is that it’s 15 minutes more than you would’ve got in otherwise.

Despite how ‘easy’ it may look on paper it’ll get your heart rate up.

Which is weight loss 101.

Want to lose some stubborn kgs?

Get your heart rate up with exercises that work pretty much every muscle in your body and minimise your recovery time.

Check this out (the only piece of equipment is a foam roller):

1a) Roller push ups x 15
1b) Roller leg curls x 15
Repeat x 4

2a) Roller cardio scissors x 30
2b) Roller kick outs x 15
Repeat x 4

3a) Roller blast offs x 15
3b) Scissor squats x 15
Repeat x 4

That’s it.

Now you may not have a roller.

That doesn’t matter.

It just adds to the intensity.

But you can do this without one.

Sound like a plan?

Give it a go and let me know what you think.


PS- You can find out more and check out our timetable options here (including the new Monday/Friday small group morning



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