Good news if you’ve ever been known to drop some choice words during a workout – it’s actually beneficial to you!

And science has proved it.

So who are we to argue.

This research from Keele University in the England found that swearing works to support your stress response during a workout.

The research compared people on an exercise bike who swore while pushing through resistance generated more power than those who used neutral words.

I don’t know what the ‘neutral’ words were but they weren’t as good.

Straight from the article:

“The experts say the resulting flush of adrenaline triggers your fight or flight response, boosting your heart rate and oxygen intake. 

At the same time, swearing helps the body combat pain.” 

So that’s good enough for me.

I’ve been known to use an f bomb or two in a hard workout and now you’ve got scientific proof to do it during one of our DPM sessions.

Go for your life.

Have a good weekend.




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