Today I’ve got a job for you.

Call it a mission if you will.

And if like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, your mission, should you chose to accept it , will be well worth your while.

I understand that you may not be able to complete it today.

But I at least want you to have a serious think about it.

What I’d like you to do is to have a think of someone who you know that could benefit from what I do at DPM this year.

There’s plenty of avenues that I can help them with that I went into detail last week (you can read that here if you missed it – some of them might surprise you).

Yes I remind you of this every now and then, but I figure at this time of year that starting a new fitness campaign is front of mind for a lot of people.

Especially after the rabble that was 2020.

So what’s in it for you?

Remember that for every friend you invite along, I’ll give you your next month on the house as a thank you.

And if you’re not currently training with me right now, then I’ll shout you a $100 VISA gift card as a thank you.

Your friend only has to drop your name (and if you’re not training with me, make sure they pass on your email too – or you can contact me and mention their name once they’ve joined).

Then once they’ve been with DPM for only 6 short months I’ll shout both you and them a $200 free dinner gift voucher each to celebrate their commitment to a training program.

So why do I do this?

Well I’ve wasted god knows how much money over the years on useless advertising that didn’t do anything.

I figured that this is the best way to not only get a better quality client – because they come pre-qualified cause they’ve come from someone who already aligns with what I do,

but I also rather give you something back for helping me grow my business and helping someone else get on track with their fitness goals.

So it’s win-win for all of us.

And if they’re interested in the groups, I’ll shout them 2 weeks free to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

More info is here

Find Out More About The DPM 2 Week Test Drive Here

That’s also the link that you can pass onto them (or just forward them this email).

Thank you as always for spreading the DPM word, and helping me help more people achieve what they want to achieve in 2021.


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