With the ongoing Covid situation across the city right now I thought I’d update on where things stand with what we do at DPM.

Luckily, being an outdoors based business we aren’t facing the same restrictions as gyms are.

We have the fresh air which is a lesser risk according to the experts of transmission.

Plus we can easily socially distance as we’re not really restricted by room size.

And as I’ve said before, when we use equipment, you get the same piece – be that a tube, mini band or roller for the whole session.

And as for a question I was asked the other day, which is a valid one too, where do we stand with boxing now?

Well as far as I’m concerned it’s still business as usual – with a proviso.

If you’re not comfortable in doing partner work with boxing then that’s fine.

You can stick to shadow boxing like some people do anyways.

I’m not going to force someone to do it.

But legally we’re sweet as boxing comes under the contact sport rules according to Fitness Australia.

And as per what we’ve been doing for the last 9 months or so, all the equipment gets sprayed after each use and you also have hand sanitiser available whenever you want it. Just help yourself.

So hopefully that reassures you of what we’re doing.

Case numbers haven’t been stupid either each day so I’m comfortable with what we’re doing and what the advice is – but as per always if you’re not comfortable doing something let me know and we can work around it easily.


PS – if you saw my note yesterday remember if you want to take me up on the check in offer I’m happy to do it.

All you have to do is let me know any goals you want to work on – short term and or long term – and I’ll contact you in a month and see how you’re travelling.

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