Who would you say your biggest enemy is?

Now while I’m going to say that Sharon from Accounts may not be your favourite cup of tea, she’s not who I’m talking about here.

Sorry I just picked a random name, not trying to shame any Sharon’s – and cause everyone is using the Karen memes to death right now I thought I’d go somewhere else.

But I’m going to hazard a guess and say that for a lot of us, we are our own worst enemies at times.

Not on purpose though.

In most people it’s normally learned behaviour cause they’ve spent too much time listening to someone talk them down for so many years.

Whether that might have been as a kid or from a boss who was a bit of a punish or whatever.

So this self doubt normally emerges and tries to talk you out of something that you’d easily be able to achieve.

Be that in a work front, maybe you didn’t go for that promotion that you were encouraged to apply for.

Or be that on an exercise front, where the fear of starting something after a long break might have put you off at one stage.

Maybe it stopped you from truly walking away from your job to pursue something you really wanted to do because you didn’t think you could do it.

Whatever it was, there are a thousand reasons not to do something.

But the only thing that is going to make you do something in a situation like that is the pain of staying the same MUST be greater than the pain of making a change.

By that I mean if you do nothing, the pain of things getting worse has to be greater than the pain that’s required, and that’s not always a physical pain – it can be the pain of starting something different out of your comfort zone, to actually make a change.

So if you’re in a job you hate and get offered a new opportunity you are only going to take it if the pain of taking that job – ie not knowing anyone, starting over again, travelling to the job or whatever is less than the pain of you staying the same and being miserable where you are.

So the pain of putting up with that same job, or boss, day in day out.

Or the pain of starting a new exercise program (ie the getting out of your comfort zone, getting up early, taking time out for you etc) must be less than the pain of staying the same (frustrated with clothes not fitting, tired, getting out of breath walking up stairs etc).

When you reach that point, things will happen.

And you’ll get on top of your biggest enemy who will try and put self doubt into your head and tell you that you can’t do it.

Just because you couldn’t do something in the past, doesn’t mean it won’t work now.

You just have to shift the goalposts with your thinking towards it.

Make sense?

Hope that helps you get on top of things during these colder months.


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