So what’s going on tomorrow?

Big day planned – barbie, few drinks, going to the city?

Not for me.

Think it’ll be doing the family thing – a quiet lunch at my mums house.

And don’t get me started on the do-gooders that want to change the day or call it Invasion Day.

We all know what happened way back when.

Let’s just move forward and celebrate what great things our nation offers everyone rather than cause more division.

But that’s just me.

The thing with tomorrow is this could be causing you a bit of stress.

Especially if you’re a meticulous planner.

With everything down to the last detail when it comes to your normal healthy eating plan and also the planned exercise routine.

Especially if you normally attend one of our Thursday sessions.

And a mid week public holiday just throws all that out the window right?

Is it all lost?

Nah of course not.

Couple of ways to approach it.

Like a normal day – as in a carb hit day if it is your day 4 of the DPM food plan.

Or you can enjoy yourself a little, go out and do whatever with the family.

Eat something different.

Have a few drinks.

Actually enjoy the moment.

If this is your approach, cool.

It’s one day.

Just do a ‘detox’ day on Friday.

You can even throw in a quick workout in the morning if you really want a hit out.

Something as simple as this quick bodyweight workout.

1) Squats

2) Push Ups

3) Side to Side Hovers

Start at 10 reps of everything, and take a rep off each round, so 9 of each, 8 of each etc etc 

Until your last round is 1 rep of each.

Too easy?

Start from 15 and work your way down to 1.

Of course you can do any exercise instead of the above 3.

This is just a quick one off the top of my head.

Whatever you do, enjoy your day.

Celebrate it with the fam and don’t stress if it’s bigger than you had originally planned.

Cause after all, Friday is just another day you can get back to normal.


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