How good is it having a public holiday in the middle of the working week tomorrow?

Now ANZAC Day for you might well mean an early start for the Dawn Service,

or a gathering with family or whatever.

For me it’s my nephews 4th birthday party as he was born on ANZAC Day.

Bit different from the way I used to spend it.

Not that that’s a bad thing.

Anyways, no matter how you spend it, the thing with tomorrow is this could be causing you a bit of stress.

Especially if you’re a meticulous planner.

And especially if you’re currently on the DPM 4 Week Transformation Blueprint.

If you’re the type of person who likes to have everything down to the last detail when it comes to your normal healthy eating plan

and also the planned exercise routine it can get thrown out the window with these midweek public holidays.

Especially if you normally attend one of our Wednesday sessions.

Or normally use it as a day for your planned home workout.

Or day 3 of your detox.

So what if tomorrow is different?

Is it all lost?

Nah of course not.

There’s a couple of ways to approach it.

Like a normal day – as in a detox day as part of the DPM food plan.

You could alternatively swap your carb day for tomorrow and detox on Thursday.

Or you can enjoy yourself a little, go out and do whatever with the family.

Eat something different.

Have a few drinks.

Actually enjoy the moment.

If this is your approach, cool.

It’s one day.

Just do a ‘detox’ day on Thursday and Friday.

Or just count it as your part of your cheat plan if you’d prefer.

You can even throw in a quick workout in the morning if you really want a hit out.

Something as simple as this quick bodyweight workout to give the metabolism a bit of a boost.

1) Squats

2) Push Ups

3) Side to Side Hovers

Start at 10 reps of everything, and take a rep off each round, so 9 of each, 8 of each etc etc 

Until your last round is 1 rep of each.

Too easy?

Start from 15 and work your way down to 1.

Of course you can do any exercise instead of the above 3.

This is just a quick one off the top of my head.

Whatever you do, enjoy your day.

And remember why we have it off in the first place.

Celebrate it with the fam and don’t stress if it’s bigger than you had originally planned.

Cause after all, Thursday is just another day you can get back to normal.


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