Now maybe you might be interested in this free transformation program that I’ve launched  this week.

Has it got your interest?

Hope so.

Click the link here and answer the questions to confirm your eligibility 

And I get you may have a question or two about it.

Here’s where todays post should cover most of them.

And if I miss the thing that’s holding you back from starting, just hit reply and ask away.

* Q: What’s it include?

A: Everything that you need for this 4 week program. You’ll get the follow along at home workout program -complete with video demos. 

Plus access to the DPM food plan.

Plus access to the DPM 28 Day Re-Set program that sends you a simple challenge each day to cross off.

And of course the support from me to help you through and make this a success

* Q: When do we start?

A: You can start ASAP. It goes for 4 weeks. The sooner you pay your deposit the sooner you can start.

* Q: Why do I have to pay a $97 deposit if it’s free?

A: Basically, I want you to be invested in the outcome.

I’ve found in the past you’re more likely to complete the 4 weeks if you have an incentive to get your money back in the end if you complete the program and do what you said you would do.

Otherwise when life gets in the way, as it sometimes does, you’re more likely to go ‘stuff it’ and give up if you didn’t invest anything financially.

So yes, it’s free. When you do what you said you would do.

* Q: Does that mean it’s hard to get the money back after 4 weeks?

A: Nope. I actually don’t want to make money on this.

I’d rather have 10 transformation stories to share in my book. All  you have to do is complete each simple mission each week and get in your success story at the end, plus your before and after photos.

* Q: What are these missions each week?

A: Simple stuff. Like sending through your before photos and measurements for week 1 and during the actual 4 weeks stuff like crossing off 3 short 20 min workouts each week. 

It’s purposely made simple to follow so I can prove in the book that even when life is busy you can still get some cool results.

* Q: Why are you doing this for free?

A: I’m writing a book (well 4 books to be honest, but let’s get the first one done!) and I want to share stories of successful transformations and I want some more to use.

* Q: I’m interested but don’t really want my photos shared in print!

A: They won’t be. I’ll just use your success story in words, plus your first name and if you have any kids eg Lisa, working mum with 3 kids

Your photos MAY be used on my website but with your head cropped for privacy. Your name won’t be used with these.

Q: I don’t have any kids can I still take part?

A: Yes, this one isn’t exclusive for busy mums. Blokes can apply too and so can ladies who don’t have kids.

So long as you’re motivated to change in 4 weeks I want you in.

Hope that helps clears it all up.

I look forward to seeing your application come through


PS – If there’s anything else I missed let me know, otherwise, if you want in go here now, answer these questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP

Click the link here and answer the questions to confirm your eligibility 

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