Gotta love this time of year.

Suns out.

No need to rug up in a thousand layers.

Summer barbies.

Few drinks.

Sometimes a few too many drinks.

Hey, sometimes you just get caught in the moment right?

I know I have plenty of times.

Sometimes it is hard to say no.

But fear not, I’m here to help.

Came across an article the other day about the best ways to crush a hangover.

And yes of course the usual go drink for water thing was in there but really,

as good as that sounds there’s gotta be better ways.


Sure is.

That’s practical but not really reality,

especially when everyone’s sober self is always a hell of a lot better than the ‘had a few wines too many’ self.

So let’s get into it cause you just may need this after a big weekend.

1) go for a workout

Yep, you’re going to feel like a dog doing it but sweating it out can help get you feeling sane again and once you’ve had your shower afterwards the post workout high will kick in and help you get on top of things

Besides, it’ll force you to drink more water and that’s why you’ve got a hangover in the first place

– cause the body is dehydrated from the alcohol.

2) Eat a banana or drink some coconut water for the potassium benefit

This is cause you can lose a lot through urine 

which you’ll no doubt find your bladder constantly needing to be emptied after a few wineos.

3) have a ginger tea

This will help with the nauseous feeling you’re no doubt struggling with.

I’ll add one more in for good measure even though it wasn’t in the article,

and that’s to get on the hydralite – pop some of them into some water or coconut water and it’ll help speed up your rehydration.

Fair enough?

Got something that works?

Let me know.

Need help getting back on track? 

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