Came across a link on Twitter the other day that got my curiosity up.

“I’m A Certified Trainer And I Think Burpees Are Idiotic”

Got your interest?

No, it wasn’t by me.

But it was from a trainer I follow who wrote it in his Womens Health column in the states.

This guy is a bit of a big deal in the strength industry and while I haven’t really kept up to date with his thoughts over the years it did get my interest.

Cause he’s a pretty smart bloke. Michael Boyle is his name.

“Throwing yourself on the ground repeatedly goes from stupid to idiotic” is his exact words.

He goes on to explain that it puts too much pressure on your wrists and your shoulders and tries to do three things at once – without doing any of them properly.

Pretty savage article wouldn’t you say?

And I can’t say I disagree.

Look, I used to do them.

With my own workouts and at DPM.

Everyone has.

Plenty of people still do at wear them as a badge of honour.

But I stopped (as you may recall) cause I realised there were better ways to get the same result.

And cause people hated them.

Which is hardly going to get people out of bed early to come and join your session is it?

I’m not going to argue when someone a lot smarter than me makes a pretty hard hitting argument like this.

Want to see it for yourself? Click here

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