Following on from what I shared with you on Tuesday, here’s another one for the mental health benefits.

And it’s something that you’ll actually get exited about.

Especially if you’re already part of the DPM early morning sessions at either Lilyfield or Observatory Hill.

The Journal of Psychiatric Research reported a study from University of Colorado, Boulder, about how your risk of depression is lower if you’re an early bird.

True story.

Best news is that the study was performed on women – so the majority of DPMers, and the average age is 55.

Now granted, that isn’t the average age (yet) of DPMers, although we do have quite a few, but it is still comparing apples with apples.

The study found a 20% lower risk of depression if you keep regular sleeping hours (ie when your body and it’s circadian rhythms want you to sleep) and you’re up early.

The other thing I’d add, is when you add in exercise, as is obviously happening for the DPMers who are up and at them early, they get the endorphin feel good hormones released after that workout.

Even in winter.

You could even argue especially in winter when everyone else is hitting the snooze button then whinging for the rest of the day how miserable it is.

So it’s a double win.

Triple win if you count the exercise as one of the biggest answers to getting on top of depression just like I mentioned the other day.

I can guarantee that this wouldn’t be the only research on this either.

If I had the time, I’d dig deeper, but wouldn’t you agree that it’s encouraging news to hear stuff like this.

Especially when you’re going to the effort of getting up in the dark and getting to a DPM session.

Keep on it, cause you’re winning at life with this type of start.


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