Happy Monday…

Not everyone’s favourite day of the week right?

Well, here’s something to make you feel a little better about your day.

At least you haven’t been mauled by a cheetah.

A story came across my feed last week about a cheetah who must’ve been having a bad couple of days.

Seems that he mauled two different people in two consecutive days in a South African Safari Park.

So there’s that right.

At least your day isn’t as bad as theirs.

But it brings me to the question:

Why on earth would you want to get that bloody close to a cheetah – or any wild animal that could literally eat you in some safari park?

Cause you never just know when they’re having a bad day and will snap and go postal.

I think I’d be happy watching from the other side of the fence or in the confines of a car.


It brings me to the point though that some people are going to whinge about what happens despite doing nothing to change the outcome.

So, if you’re feeling like you have no energy right now,

Maybe you’re still struggling to lose those stubborn 5kg that you can’t seem to shift – even though you’re training day in and day out?

I’d have you consider it’s time to hit that reset button.

Try something different.

Just like this busy mum who recently completed a DPM 4 Week Transformation Challenge:

“I cut down to three times a week (exercise) and it’s really helped me with my sleep. I don’t feel as old looking and I feel a lot better.

Looking at my before and after pictures I’m really, really surprised with how well I’ve done so I just want to say thank you!”

Interesting right?

Yes, you can be doing too much exercise.

Especially if it’s the wrong stuff.

Your body just needs the right prescription.

And I happen to know the script if you’re interested.

You’ll be feeling better in as little as 4 short weeks.

How bout it?

Promise there’ll be no cheetahs in sight!


PS- time to start the ball rolling with your DPM sessions? check out our options here



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