As a parent, there’s one thing you’ll no doubt realise – your kids mimic your behaviour.

This can be a double edged sword.

Not good when they copy what you might yell out in frustration when you’re driving.

I remember back in the day when Emily was little I let slip an F bomb and then for the next minute afterwards that’s all I heard on repeat.

Somehow they just know when you’re saying something inappropriate…

I changed to muppet after that. Then I’d randomly get asked “is that person a muppet daddy?”.

The good however is when they see you exercising and copy that behaviour.
I do like that.

Cause we both know there’s some of my other habits that aren’t as good for my kids to copy.

And you probably no doubt already know that if you’re active, the chances are your kids are going to be active.

They see it as normal.

Whereas in families where the parents aren’t active and they live off junk food, well, it’s no surprise to see those kids head down a bad path that is only going to lead to bad health, both in childhood and later on.

This research into kids health that I found highlights this.

The Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that girls and boys were more likely to be fit and healthy if one parent was perceived as active.

The interesting finding was that girls were even more likely to be fit if both parents were perceived to be active.

Hopefully that reads well for my girls future health.

I know I’ll be doing my best to encourage them to be active and involved in sports of some description.

It’s always interesting to see this type of stuff reinforced by actual research. 

Common sense would lead us to think it’s true, but to see the smart people who do these studies come to the same conclusions is a great reminder for us to keep doing what we’re doing.

Or if you’ve been a bit under the pump lately and have found yourself letting the ball slip health wise, to get back in the saddle for the benefit of not only your health, 

but to set your kids up for their best chance at health down the track.

And the win for us is we’re around longer to see them grow up – something not every parent gets to see.


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