Looks like I could be in trouble.

Well with kids like this someone like me could be out of a job very soon.

Gave me a laugh though.

Did you see the video that went viral this week about the ‘world’s youngest personal trainer’?

If you missed it you gotta check it out.

I’ve shared the link at the bottom of the page.

This kid who’s like 8, is running his cousin and some other mates though his workout.

The cousin got bullied cause he’s got a bit of extra baggage.

So our hero stepped up and is getting the kid ripped like he is.

“Strength. We don’t do weakness. We do muscle!” 

As the kid’s trying to do some push ups.

There’s even other videos of the kid doing chin ups at the playground.

And the article i read even mentioned how he’s got a Rocky like following,

when he goes for his runs around the block the other kids in the neighbourhood join in.

He loves a quote too.

One of the other videos I saw he yells out

“You know what’s worse? Not pushing yourself!”

Guess he’s got his future mapped out.

Anyway, even if you can’t get to New York to train with this little fella,

I can offer you something closer to home…

I do have some spots available in then DPM morning group sessions.

They’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill in the City.

You can find out session times and more info by clicking the link below


Any questions let me know.



PS – want to see the little fella in action? Check it out for yourself 


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