What’s your favourite type of stress reliever?

Red wine is up there with the best of them.

Getting the tap on your shoulder from your partner goes alright too.

But there’s something that you can do by yourself and it doesn’t take that long either.

A quick little workout can hit the spot when you’re doing your head in.

It helps break the cycle and gets you out of that stressful situation.

Plus, it’s a little more productive to your overall wellbeing than cracking the red.

Especially on a day when you weren’t planning on having a drink.

I go into more detail during the latest episode of my Top Of The Hill podcast.

You can find Episode 10: The Stress Reliever by clicking here

If you’re not on apple podcasts, you can find it on Spotify and most other android friendly apps.

One of the main reasons why I started this podcast was exactly the same reasons as why I wrote my book last year – for that little bit of extra credibility and because most other trainers don’t.

I have to do something that stands me aside from everyone else and if someone can find me via these mediums that otherwise wouldn’t have, then it’s done what it’s supposed to do in spreading the DPM message.

You can also help do that too.

If you’ve got a friend who’s on the fence about joining DPM, send em to this link and encourage them to join us for 2 weeks ‘no hard core sales pitch’ test drive.

My belief is I shouldn’t have to twist people’s arms to join us. 

If we’re a good fit we’ll take it further. If not, it is what it is and no hard feelings. 

Thanks for spreading the word and helping out.

I look forward to shouting you and your friend the $200 dinner each once they’ve been with us for only 6 months.



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