If you’ve overindulged with a little too much Christmas cheer, by this stage you may well be needing what I have to share with you today.

A nice summer salad recipe to give your body something nice and healthy to balance out some of the other ‘not-so-healthy’ options.

This is one of our staples and after you realise how simple it is, it may well be one of yours too.

It’s especially appropriate too cause I saw an article last week when I was writing this email how this year is the second biggest year on record for mango sales.

So what is it?

– Mango 

– English spinach leaves (or you could use any other greenery like rocket or whatever)

– Macadamia nuts

– Goji berries

That’s it.

Portion sizes are up to you.

You can dress it if you like but it goes just as good plain.

It’s a beauty on a hot night or when you quickly need to whip up something for dinner.

While this recipe isn’t in the DPM Quick, Healthy Meals Cookbook that all clients get in both pdf and hard copy format, there’s plenty of other good options just like it.

Let me know if you need a copy if you can’t find yours (current DPMers only of course) and I’ll hook you up when I’m back on deck on Monday 9th.


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