I’ve had a couple of questions about the latest Busy Mums Transformation program that starts on Monday so I thought I’d put them together for you as you may just be wondering the exact same thing.

Is it right for you?

Will it work?

Do you have any proof that it works?

Q: How will I know it’ll actually work for me? Do you guarantee my results?

A: The DPM Better Than Money Back Guarantee comes with this program.

By that I mean that after the 4 weeks if you’re not entirely happy with how you feel, if you’re not less bloated, if your skin isn’t better and if you’re not fitting back into your old clothes that you’ve been dreaming to wear then you can have every single cent back.

Plus, I’ll even let you continue for FREE until you are satisfied.

All you have to do is follow everything that I say each week and complete the program as it’s laid out.

You do the work, you get the result.

Sound fair enough?

Q: Why is this so different from anything else out there that I’ve tried before?

A: That’s a fair question to have. Considering you’ve no doubt been burned before by something that’s promised the moon but delivered nothing.

I can tell you the ‘secret’ here is two fold. One, you don’t have to commit hours each week so it is actually manageable and realistic for your busy lifestyle.

You don’t have to put your life on hold and live like a nun to get it done.

Secondly, the support network provided via the Private Facebook group is where the magic is.

You have your questions answered, the other mums encouraging you along even if you don’t have the support elsewhere you’d like.

That is the big difference.

As one mum said from our last group:

“When I first heard about it I was a little bit sceptical, but 4 weeks later I’m a changed person.
Even a few days into it I thought ‘wow why didn’t I know about this program sooner”.

Q: I’m going on holidays during the 4 weeks can I still join?

A: Yes, in fact it’ll help get you on track before you leave and when you get back you can take up where you left. Exactly what your body will be craving for after all the cocktails and nice food when you’re away.

Q: I haven’t exercised in years. Will I be ok for this?

A: Yep, there are beginner stages you can do and work at your pace. If you’re currently doing something you might find the advanced movements better for you.

Q: I’m still breastfeeding will it work for me?

A: You can still do the program, you just might need a few modifications which you’ll learn on the inside.
Although in saying that, if you’ve recently given birth, this isn’t the right timing for you.

Q: How much is it to join?

A: Your investment is only $97 for the full 4 week program.

This includes the food plan that takes all the confusion out of what to eat and when, the exercise program that includes the video demonstrations so you how to do each exercise safely.

Most importantly, it comes with the accountability and support that a small group like this can provide.

It’ll help you stay on track and pick you up if you’re struggling.

You’ll find the support from the other mums in the group will help you along as you exchange recipes that you find that work and the motivational support that you need from someone going through the same journey as you are.

So the question for you now is what price do you want to place on that feeling you’ll experience when you can finally go to your wardrobe and not have to stare at it for 5 minutes working out what will fit you or change outfits three times just to feel comfortable?

I’d have you consider that $97 is a pretty small investment for that feeling yeah?

Just like one of our last mums who graduated from the program who said this:

“The results that I got I was quite shocked with. I hadn’t really noticed too much as I was going along until I stopped to think back to where I was, to where I had gotten. My pants were fitting a bit looser and I’d look at myself in the mirror and maybe not change my top two or three times because of a muffin top. Things were fitting a lot nicer as well”

Take the step. See what else the mums who’ve completed their own transformation have to say about it below

You can even see how they look now and hear from them in their own words in the short video.


And while you’re there jump on board for this one.

There’s the photo proof as well as a video of those who’ve done it sharing their story.

We’re starting Monday – and I only have 8 spots left as I write this.

Don’t miss out on your chance.

Got any questions I missed?

Just hit reply and let me know.


PS – that link again to join us



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