You know what they say 

About that old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. 

So that must mean if it is in fact broke?

Then you’d be pretty ignorant and stubborn not to do anything about it. 

Now in keeping with that theme,

I realised last week that something was in fact broken. 

Those personal training time slots still haven’t been taken up. 

And as a result, I’m doing something about it. 

So, after swallowing my pride, and conceding defeat,

I’ve got a solution:

More small group sessions in the morning. 


So here’s what I’m thinking

– Wednesday and Friday mornings 7:15am-7:45am

Venue: Observatory Hill

Starting first week of April if enough interest.

Yes, this would join in addition to the usual Tuesday and Thursday mornings we already do there.

So if you’re already making it to one of these, there’s another option if you can’t make both days.

To get this off the ground, I’d need 5 guaranteed people to make it worth while.


Hit reply now and let me know what days.

And thanks for spreading the word to your friends who may be interested.



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