Happy Star Wars Day. Or may the fourth be with you.

Star Wars fans will of course know that today has been declared Star Wars day.

And for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, one of the main phrases in the series is the “may the force be with you” saying.

And todays date is May the 4th.

Anyways, I suppose you may be wondering what Star Wars has to do with your fitness journey?

Well, as you may be aware, I can usually try and find some type of parallel with most subjects and find a fitness link in there somewhere.

So for Star Wars today?

Well to me it’s kinda obvious.

Fans know that especially in the original trilogy back when we were kids, the good guys always seemed to be up against it coming up against the evil dark side that had all the manpower, all the fancy weapons and of course the baddest men in the galaxy running the show.

They seemingly couldn’t win.

But somehow always managed to get the win at the end of the movie.

Funny how that Hollywood ending always ended up working out right?

But think about that analogy for a minute. 

Everything was against them. They still stuck at their mission. And they somehow got it done with a little help from their friends.

You may have felt the same at one point or another when it comes to a goal you’ve wanted to achieve when it comes to your fitness or your training objectives?

When you have a finish point you want to get to it can seem kinda daunting at first if you seemingly have a lot of work to do.

Especially if plenty of people have either doubted you or told you that you are pushing you know what up a hill.

But you stuck at it.

And chances are you either accomplished it, or are well on your way to doing so.

Would I be on the money?

And as for the team supporting you on the way, that’s where I step in and help you along.

So if you need a bit of help in your mission against the dark side, then let me know.

Let’s get a plan happening and make a few bench marks to check in with in a month to make sure you’re on track.

How ’bout it?


PS – for a bit of fun, this is my favourite Star Wars meme – and one that is actually appropriate to you on your journey.

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