Not going to beat around the bush – big question for you today – are you keen to join in the next edition of the DPM 6 Week Challenge?

Time to finalise whether it’s a goer or not depending on interest.

Got a couple of people who may be in, but for the full challenge I’m going to need a few more people keen.

Otherwise I’ll just do some individual stuff with those who did express interest.

So what do you reckon?

You in or nah?

If you haven’t done one before, basically we work on whatever you want to achieve over the next 6 weeks.

So it doesn’t have to be strictly a weight loss thing.

For some it is and we work on that.

For others, it’s more just getting a consistent routine back happening.

We work on a schedule for that.

And for others, it’s just having something to work towards – an end goal that’s not too far away so you can’t stuff around.

If any of that does sound like something you’d be interested in then hit reply.

If we do go ahead, we’re starting Monday week – February 8.

Investment is $99 and you’ll get weekly check ins plus daily challenges to cross off.

And if we don’t get enough interest, like I said, I’ll just be doing some personal challenges with those who expressed interest initially.
So let me know if you’re up for it.


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