Time for a bit of future pacing today.

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘future pacing’, basically I’m going to take you on a journey.

Close your eyes.

Imagine what things will look like for you down the track.

3 months from now…

6 months from now…

Even 12 months from now…

Imagine after taking action and getting started on your new regime

you’ll be feeling any of these feelings I’m about to list (maybe even all of them)

* imagine being the ‘hot mum’, also known as something a bit more crude from those American Pie films… Whatever term you prefer though, imagine your friends referring to you as that.

* imagine that you now look as hot as you used to before the kids came along

* imagine your friends jealous of how hot you now look and accuse you of having work done

* Imagine that it’s actually YOU who’s become the head turner when you’re walking down the street

* Imagine everyone whispering “how did she do it” behind your back, maybe they even accuse you of having work done?

* Imagine your hubby holding you like he did when you were first married

There’s a few things that I’ve mentioned.

Maybe you’re thinking about some of those exact things right now.

So how do we make that happen?

Well, of course you’ve got to start somewhere.

Remember, as we speak, Spring is only a couple of weeks away so no point putting it off any longer.

Especially if you want to dust off those clothes that are a little bit more revealing than what you’ve been wearing over winter.

Let me help you out with a way to get started.

The DPM way will show you how that is all possible to achieve.

Click the link below, answer these couple of questions and let’s get the ball rolling.


After that, if you’re a good fit, 

I’d love to invite you along to have 2 weeks on the house to test drive it and see if we’re a good fit.

Let’s get it happening…


PS- any questions about what we do, or when? Hit reply and ask away. Otherwise, let me know which one of those future pacing things I mentioned is YOUR one



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