Hate to be that guy, but can you believe it’s just over 6 weeks until Christmas?


Plenty of people will be happy when this year is run and done but here’s the deal:

We can only control what’s in front of us.

Sure 2020 threw up a few unexpected major things that no one could have predicted and turned most peoples worlds upside down.

But we can’t control that.

And it’s on us how we decide to finish the year.

If you feel like you want to ramp things up a little bit to round the year out,

I’ve opened up a short 4 week once off personal training time slot.

You’ll get 4 x 30 minute weekly sessions between next week and wrapping up before Christmas.

Call it a tune up if you wish.

It can complement the training you’re already doing and give you some extra focus before the year wraps up.

If that sounds like something you’d be keen on, the investment is a once off payment of $375.

As for when and where – well that part is kinda flexible.

I can do a Wednesday morning 7am or 7:15am start time or a Wednesday 11:30am time slot.

Location is flexible as I can come to you in the Inner West, CBD or Lower North Shore areas.

You can grab your spot here.

If there is interest, I could come up with another day as well, but that gives you two times to crank up some action to finish your year off.

How bout it?


PS – while we’re looking at calendars, the last day of DPM action for this year will be Tuesday December 22.

I haven’t confirmed return date for 2021 yet, depends on what everyones availability is like so I’ll cover that soon with everyone 

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