Good old Hollywood celebrities never fail to amaze me.

Especially in the weird status.

And it seems that our very own Nicole Kidman is a fan of eating bugs.


Good luck to her.

But for me?

I think I’ll pass.

All this was revealed in an article I read last week that was from a Vanity Fair video where she ate a four course ‘feast’ of live (yes live!) hornworms, mealworms, crickets and fried grasshoppers.

Would you do it?

Now I know these things are supposedly the rage at the moment with the ‘in crowd’.

Being very high in protein and a sustainable food source and all that.

Call me old fashioned and out of date if you will,

but there’s no way in earth I’m eating anything like that.

Especially if it’s alive.

Reminds me of the kids book “There Was An Old Lady That Swallowed A Spider”

(that wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her)

It takes me back about 30 years when my dad and uncle threw some witchy grubs on the barbie to try as a stunt.

My little brother had a go but even back then I was “no way”.

Now it doesn’t matter whether eating bugs is your thing or not,

I can promise you that bugs are DEFINITELY NOT part of the DPM food plan that comes as part of your Busy Mums Transformation program.

You’ll not only get food that options that taste great for you, they won’t make you cringe at the thought of it.

Interested in finding out more?

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