Maybe I’m just soft but I think I’ll pass on this latest food craze.

Put this up there with man buns and hipsters who wear pants that only come down to their calf muscles.

Eating bugs.


There’s a movement now in some circles to eat more bugs like crickets.

I wonder if it tastes like chicken?

Obviously this type of thing is big in Oriental cultures with grasshoppers, spiders and the like always popular.

But they’re apparently catching on in the Western World

cause they’re super high in protein and supposedly more sustainable for the earth.

That’s a noble point but I’m still not sold.

Can you imagine the roided up gym junkie throwing down a cricket smoothie instead of his protein shake?

Even as a kid I remember passing when my Dad and uncle barbied up a few witchity grubs just to see what it tasted like.

I’m just a simple man.

With simple food needs.

Like stuff that can’t be killed with insect repellant.

What about you?

Yeah or nah?

The one thing I can assure you of is that anything in the DPM food plan doesn’t involve something you can kill with inspect spray.

And you still don’t have to live on mung beans and kumbayah songs.

Come join me as part of Team DPM at either our Observatory Hill or Lilyfield sessions 

and I’ll show you how you can get some great protein sources without having to rely on bugs




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