Here’s something that you can plug in and play literally straight away.

If you’re on a mission at the moment to lose a few stubborn kilos, this will help get you over the line.

Actually track what you eat.

Yes, it sounds like common sense.

It also sounds like a bit of a pain in the arse too for some.

But as the old saying goes – if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.

And if you can’t accurately say what you’ve eaten every day over the course of a week, how are you supposed to analyse where you may be going wrong?

The latest research out of Duke University that was featured in the JMIR publication backs this up and found that:

Regardless of the order in which diet is tracked, using tailored goals and a commercial mobile app can produce clinically significant weight loss. 

Here at DPM we sometimes use my fitness pal.

You might have another preferred option you use.

Some of the DPMers who don’t like apps and the like prefer to either use the old DPM food diary – we do both word doc or pdf and input it manually that way.

Either way it works.

Track what you eat and see the difference.
Sure, you don’t have to do this forever.

But if you can stick to this for at least a month, 

you’ll have a far greater knowledge of what you’re actually eating – not what you think you’re eating.

Cause it’s easy to miss a bit of this and a bit of that if you’re not constantly logging it in.

When you’re in a regular routine, it won’t be as necessary for you.

So how about it? 

Worth a try for you?

If you’re a current DPMer who wants some help with this, let me know and we can start tracking.

I’m happy to check in on your fitness pal each week if you need a bit of an extra accountability focus.

I already do this for some that have requested it and I want to remind you that this is one of the many benefits that you can have access to when you’re a part of Team DPM.

And if we’re not currently working together, why not?

Let’s get something happening.

There’s options to suit you whether you’re looking for some one-on-one personal training, joining one of our small group sessions or even some online coaching that we can explore if our diaries can’t align.

Failing all that and you just need a bit of a game plan to follow, check out my Short ‘N Sweet book.

Remember you get access to 6 workouts that each take a maximum of 20 minutes or less.

How? It’s all timer based.

So you can’t run over.

Let me know if I can help.


PS – hit reply now to discuss anything that I’ve mentioned here.

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