Something different today for a Friday.

I sometimes get asked what podcasts I listen to and I thought that might be something you might be interested in finding out too – especially if you’ve got a long drive ahead of you over the holiday break and are looking for some new ones to add to your playlist.

At last count there’s 30 odd that I listen too. Some are seasonal so all don’t run at the same time.

I also find, like I’ve mentioned before, that listening at x2 speed really makes it more effective to listen to multiple podcasts. Especially when you’re driving or out and about as much as I am.

And there is a heavy dose of sporting ones on there, so if you’re not into that, you might like some of the other ones I mention.

So here goes with my personal faves in no particular order:

(If you’re looking for a few NBA, NRL and NBL focused ones let me know and I’ll send them to you, I won’t bore you with them here for those who have no interest)

* Bill Simmons Podcast – one of my faves. With a heavy NBA and NFL slant but also plenty of pop culture interviews. Last week he had Tim Robbins on for example after his sport talk talking about his movies and life.

* Disgraceland – awesome if you love stories about musicians doing bad stuff. Some stuff just flat out rock star stuff, some stuff flat out illegal including involvement in deaths and the like. It has covered everyone from Eminem, Cardi B to the Rolling Stones and everything in between in just this season alone.

* The Gary Vee Audio Experience – he’s pretty full on but I like his no BS approach. He’s a successful businessman and he covers a lot of mindset and other insights into what makes people successful.

* The Howie Games – a new find for me after a recommendation from a mate. He interviews successful Aussie sport people about what makes them tick and about their stories. Very interesting. They’ve had basketballers like Andrew Gaze, Luc Longley, Andrew Bogut through to one of my favourite athletes ever – Anna Mears and Sam Willoughby (the BMX Olympian who became a quadriplegic just 3 weeks after riding in Rio).

* Hit Man – if you like Serial or The Teachers Pet, you’ll love this one. Basically a bloke hired a hit man to kill his ex wife and disabled son (charming I know) and he followed the steps laid out in a controversial book called hit man. Turns out it wasn’t the only example of this book being used. It’s compelling.

* Small Business Big Marketing – a good listen for the business owners

* Last one I’ll share is The Rewatchables – breaks down movies that are rewatchable again and again. This season they’ve done Top Gun, The Godfather and A Star Is Born for example. Next week or two is The Godfather 2. A good listen if you like movies.

What’s your go to?

And of course, if you’re looking for a fitness related one, I know a short one that goes for less than 10 mins usually… Check out my Top Of The Hill one here


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