Didn’t think I’d see this day but can’t say I”m sad to see it’s finally happened to tell you the truth.

I read on the weekend that The Biggest Loser show has finally been punted to day time tv.

The reason?

Low ratings. 

Finally the public have caught on. 

People have finally got sick and tired of the crap that gets pedalled on this show.

The biggest one being that it is a weight loss show designed to help obese people lose weight.


It’s a reality tv show made for peoples entertainment.

So they sit at home and think “at least I’m not as big as them”.

As you can tell I’ve never been a fan of this show.

Main reason it promotes an unrealistic method of losing weight.

So what’s the best way to lose that stubborn tummy flab?

Definitely not what these muppets make you  suffer through. 

I’m talking about severely calorie restricted diets and flogging you for hours on end. 

Not to mention locking you in a house away from the struggles and life problems that got you to where you where in the first place. 

And that’s exactly why they never showed you a reunion show 12 months down the track. 

Cause it just isn’t sustainable in everyday life. 

So what is sustainable?

Doing it the smart way.

And funnily enough, that’s the DPM way.

You don’t have to eat a massively calorie restricted diet.

You don’t have to be flogged for hours on end doing something that you shouldn’t be doing for the situation that you’re currently in.

What do I mean?

Well look at that show. 

They have massively overweight people running and doing stuff that should be giving them a heart attack cause it’s too much too soon.

All for entertainment of people sitting at home.

If you haven’t done much lately,

we’ll start you off slowly.

And ease your way in.

So it actually seems doable.

And maybe even fun.

Cause we like to have a laugh and all too.

Not every personal trainer yells at you and belittles you like on these types of shows.

So come check us out.

I’m looking to add another 2 morning sessions into our schedule to help you out.


TIME: 7:15-7:45am

VENUE: Observatory Hill

Something that would work for you?

Or maybe someone you know would appreciate knowing about these?

Please let me know asap.


PS- want to know the investment? check out our options here


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