Maybe you know the drill when your body feels like it is at least 20 years older than you really are?

Or maybe that’s just me…

Too many years getting beat up by blokes twice my size playing footy.

But you get that.

Unfortunately wisdom is only gained AFTER you’ve got to deal with a dodgy neck, back and knees.

Lucky I’m not a horse though, cause I woulda ended up in the glue factory by now.

Wouldn’t even of passed for dog food!

Enough of getting side-tracked though – I’m sure you may know exactly how I feel?

But that’s besides the point, cause even if you feel like your body has betrayed you,

you can still do plenty of things and work around whatever condition holds you back.

Just like these examples that come straight from the ‘never too old’ files.

You see, any excuse that ‘I’m too old to start”, or “too old for this” or whatever other crap we try and talk ourselves into has become invalid.

Thanks to a list I came across that has the oldest participants to do XYZ.

What about these:

* Oldest person to complete a marathon – 92 years and 93 days 

* Oldest person to climb Mount Everest – 80 years (after breaking his own records previously set at 70 and 75)

* Worlds oldest gymnast was 84

* Oldest person over 100 to ride a bike the furthest in an hour was 102.

But my personal fave was the oldest skydiver on record – wait for it – 96 years and 63 days!

Can you believe that?!

Don’t know whether you’ve ever been skydiving but that scared the life out of me – loved it though – and I was only 22.

Did it in San Diego (or just outside of it to be honest)

and where we landed you could actually see the fence for the Mexican border fence (no, not a wall back then…)

There were more of those oldest person to do whatever but you get the point I’m sure.

It kinda blows away any preconceived notions we hold that we’re too old or too late to start something doesn’t it?

It also blows out the theory that it’s too cold, too dark or too whatever to get out of bed and get something happening as Winter is now on us.

Don’t you think?


PS – Interested in finding out what we can do for your body, despite whatever condition you’re dealing with now?

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