So something interesting came to my attention the other day.

And as you may be aware, I love me a good coffee or two.

Large long black is my go to.

Cause as Wesley Snipes says in that Passenger 57 movie back in the 90’s “always bet on black”.

I don’t think he was referring to coffee, but let’s pretend he was.

If you’re that way inclined with the good old brown fluid of the gods yourself, you may be aware that coffee has got a bit broader in it’s definition these days.

Now you’ve got ice long blacks, cold drip, and whatever fancy flavour you want to put in your latte.

Then you’ve got Tumeric lattes and the like.

Apparently there’s even a beetroot latte too which I haven’t come across on any menu at any cafe I visit.

But the new thing in Melbourne is a broccoli latte.

No kidding.

Of course it’s the hipsters in Melbourne…

Would you try it?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me a nice bit of broccoli. whether it be in a stir fry or steamed or whatever.

But in my coffee?


Call me old fashioned if you will.

They reckon it is to help boost peoples intake of greens.

I get that, but surely they’ve heard of a greens powder drink by itself instead?

Oh well, as they say in the classics, each to their own and who knows, it may well turn out to be the biggest trend of the next year or two.

Won’t hold my breath but anything is possible.

So would you give it a go?


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