Got a question I want to pose to you for a Friday thought provoker if you’re up for it.

I came across an article yesterday that mentioned how a trial of graphic health warnings on junk food (just like we see now for packets of smokes) has actually had the desired effect.

And it was actually an Aussie run study – University of Melbourne and the Cancer Council Victoria.

Now the sample size was only pretty small – only 95 people, so you can’t exactly say that it’d be valid across the broader population.

But it’s a start.

Anyways, they wanted people to not eat for 4 hours and were promised a snack when they finished.

Then they were shown 50 photos of all different types of foods – healthy stuff like celery sticks and the like, through to chocolates and take your pick there.

They then threw up random health warning messages and photos of diseased body parts before asking people again what they preferred.

The interesting finding was the images of an unhealthy heart and the like caused by too much junk food made people change their minds subconsciously about what they wanted as a snack after they initially said they’d prefer the ‘naughty’ option.

Just like with the packets of smokes.

Which brings me to todays question.

Would it change your mind if you went for a burger at Maccas or picked up your pizza for example and it came with a picture of heart disease or blocked arteries along with a warning about too much junk food causes XYZ?

Would it make you go next door for a salad instead?

Or would you still say stuff it?

I think the idea has some merit.

After all, there’s some people you’ll never reach no matter what you put on them.

But if you see an impressionable kid change their mind about their regular junk food fix – would it save them from a potential path to obesity down the track?

It sure makes for interesting thinking…

I know for me, as a little kid seeing my Pa in intensive care with tubes all hooked up and spending the last 4 years of his life on oxygen because of smoking related emphysema turned me off ever having a smoke as I associated one with the other.

And I still haven’t had a puff.

Would it work for long term junk food abuse?

It can’t hurt in my view.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying never eat any of that stuff again, because as you and I know, and as I always say

– if you’re having a bit of pizza or cake or whatever in moderation it isn’t a bad thing.

It’s actually enjoyable.

But when it becomes the norm instead of the cheat meal that becomes a problem.

That’s my two cents anyways, what about yours?


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