Came across a good article last Friday.

About a mum in Sweeden who’s facebook post when viral when she mentioned that she took her 4 year old daughter off sugar and she calmed right down.

By the sounds of it she was probably a category 3 cyclone before.

(The mum) came to the decision to eliminate sugar from her four-year-old daughter’s daily snacks and meals after realising how bad her toddler’s sugar cravings had become.

“I thought, she has real cravings for sugar. She did not want to eat the food we are making, all she wants to eat are things like sweet yoghurts,” she told the BBC.

That alone is an interesting point.

It wasn’t as if she was eating the usual crap you’d associate with a sugar addiction – like plenty of lollies and other sugary treats that all kids love.

It was stuff that’s marketed to us as ‘healthy foods’.

Now if you’ve been around here long enough you’ll know that the marketers of those products play us for fools.

But the majority of people still think the low fat option is a winner.

We know it’s the opposite.

And the results?

After a difficult few days without sugary foods, her little girl was no longer asking for sweet yoghurts and iced buns, she was less grumpy, calmer and sleeping better.

So there you go.

Worth a few tantrums in the meantime to get that the better end result?

I think yes.

So do you have to go full sugar free on the DPM plan?


I’ve tried that route.

And it works for sure.

But it’s just too damn restrictive.

Which means less overall compliance from everyone.

Me including.

So what we do is take out the processed stuff for 3 days and cycle in stuff on the other days.

And we still eat fruit.

Interested in what the DPM action plan can do for you?

I’m down to 1 position available to join me for the DPM Online Body Transformation program.

The beauty of this is your kids will benefit from your new eating plan too!

And everyone can do with a few less tantrums right?

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