You’d have to of come down in the last shower to not know the benefits that exercise and eating the right things brings us.

Of course I’m not going to state them here cause we all know them and benefit from them for the most part of the year.

All we have to do is look at how most people are feeling when they come off the back of a Christmas break – sure they are refreshed for the most part, but we’re all a bit guilty of overindulging and feeling the downsides of that.

I know I am.

Although thankfully not as much as in past years

As a result, we can sometimes suffer during January when we’re trying to get back into things.

Some people overdo it – too much too soon.
And pay the price injury wise.

Some people just keep going and don’t break the cycle.

But something I came across the other week was worth noting and reminding ourselves about.

The positive correlation between exercise and using it as treating mental health issues.

Which in turn can lead to a reduction in inflammation in the body.

I find it interesting that these days a lot of mental health research is finding that one of the causes is too much inflammation in the body.

And exercise as well as eating the right types of foods are a one way of treating the symptoms.

Sure, I’m not saying if you’re in medication to stop. 

To state the obvious, that’s a discussion for you to have with your doctor if you fall into this category, 

but what I will encourage anyone to do – regardless of mental health state – is to be active and watch what they eat for the most part.

The benefits go well beyond positive mental health and reduced inflammation in the body as I’m sure you’re well aware of.

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Like I mentioned earlier this week, it isn’t all about weight loss.
Maybe you just want to improve a few habits and need a little extra accountability?

I’ve got your back regardless.

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See you on the other side.