Yes, I know it’s a Public Holiday today,

and even though it’d be unAustralian to actually work,

a workout might be something you’re looking for.

Especially if you’ve got a big weekend of family do’s and Easter feasts ahead.

I know I have.

Today and tomorrow especially.

Throw in a couple of Easter egg hunts for the kids and it’ll be a crazy few days.

Now if you want to get something in workout wise,

to help you get through the mountain of chocolate that’ll be staring at you

Try this circuit out – I call it the DPM 1600 (ironically because there’s 1600 total reps included)

1. 20 Stick Ups

2. 20 Step Ups on each leg (keep leg on the step)

3. 100 Leg Shuffles

4. 20 Push Ups – knees or toes

5. 20 scissor squats

6. 20 Rockin Hovers

7. 20 Side to Side Hovers

8. 100 Skipping or virtual skipping

Repeat x 5

That’ll be a bit longer than the usual workouts I post on here for you.

But if you are time pressed, and just want to get something done, go through it even 2 or 3 times and I promise it’ll still hit the spot.

Let me know what you think if you give it a go…


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(thanks in advance)

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