Like I’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve introduced a few new things to Team DPM this year to freshen things up a bit.

One of them is music which I’ve mentioned a couple of times.

The other is a workout challenge every other week basically.

It’s where we step things up and give those who want a challenge the opportunity to give it a shot.

Those who are at the start of their journey, or dealing with injuries or other things just do what they can do and we substitute an exercise or three where needed.

(So don’t stress out and think that you have to be superfit to do our DPM Challenges – we don’t record times or whatever. Basically it’s just you vs you)

Anyways, today I’ve got a workout challenge you might like to try at home.

It’s not one that we’ve done in the DPM sessions – although we just might make it part of the workout one day,

but if you’re short on time, this is a great workout that’ll hit everything.

And the accompanying video that was shot beachfront on the North Shore of Hawaii just as the sun was rising was one of the best locations I’ve ever done a video at

(those were the days before kids when you could just get up and go overseas!).

The Workout is The Barefoot 100

It’s just 3 exercises

1) Prisoner Squats

2) Decline Push Ups

3) Russian Twists

Do each one for 100 reps each.

The Russians are 100 each side too FYI.

Here’s the video demo

It’ll take 10-15 minutes. Longer if you need more recovery between exercises or during the exercises to get you to your 100.

NOTE: The aim is to do 100 total reps of the one exercise before you move on to the next one.

Take as long as it takes.

What do you think?


PS – like more of these type of workout challenges, and want to get involved yourself? Grab a friend and encourage them to join for your own 2 week test drive and I’ll hook you up with a couple of rewards…


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