Stand me corrected.

I thought I had heard it all in this almost 40 years on this earth.

Now surely I have.

The other day I was listening to talkback radio 

(side note, you know you’re getting old when you listen to drive time talk back shows right?)

and I heard the discussion point about yoga come up.

Now, maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I always thought yoga was a peaceful thing.

A thing to help some people meditate, or stretch, or even get an alternate form of exercise in.

Yes surprisingly, people do actually follow stuff other than DPM workouts…

But you get the point right?

Plenty of people find yoga beneficial.

From both a mental and physical point of view.

Personally I don’t do it, but I don’t have anything against it.

However I heard of this mob that do.

In fact, it is the devils work according to these clowns.

Seems the Anglican church has banned yoga from being performed in church halls.

Well it has in one church hall in Erskineville and it’s spreading it’s reach to other halls too.

It encourages them to worship false gods apparently.

Ok then.

But it doesn’t end there.

A committee found that other activities such as tai chi, some martial arts and dragon boating should be examined because they are contrary to the gospel.


So much for hipsters eating too much smashed avocado on toast as being the biggest issue in the Inner West hey.

I always find it amusing that the ones that are supposed to be the most tolerant are often the least tolerant when their agenda doesn’t fit in with anything else outside that tunnel.

But what would I know…

I also grew up going to church every Sunday listening to them tell me what I should think about certain topics so kinda know what I’m talking about here too.

Each to their own though.

Just like the yoga fans should be able to go about their thing without having to worry about being judged by the church.

What I do know however, is how to help people get rid of the stubborn kilos.

Maybe you know someone who this can benefit.

I promise I won’t make them worship a false god too.

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