If you’re like me, chances are today isn’t a work free Wednesday. 

But for some lucky buggers in a Melbourne digital marketing agency, that’s their company policy.

How good would that be?

A midweek day off?

Or would you rather a long weekend?

Their thinking is if employees do a standard work day on Monday and Tuesday, then again on Thursday and Friday, it only increases their productivity to have a day off on Wednesday to explore whatever they want to do.

The interesting thing they found, as cited in the BBC article here, was their productivity actually increased. 

So has their revenue which is interesting. Since it started in July last year revenue has increased by 46% and profit has nearly tripled.

Better still, sick days are down and morale is up.

Everyone is a winner.

Very interesting findings yeah?

This backs up what I was talking about the other week when I mentioned how having a compulsory lunch break in some companies has increased their productivity.

And it comes back to the age old point – just cause someone is officially ‘working’, it doesn’t mean they are productive.

The big upside of the midweek break instead of a long weekend meant that Thursdays were more productive which makes sense as staff were mentally fresher.

All of this brings me to remind you of the benefit that organising lunch time group exercise action can have for you and your co-workers or staff.

We can do a 30 minute session once or twice a week focused on boxing or whatever your staff would benefit the most from.

If you’re not the person who is in charge of those decisions, I’d appreciate you passing this onto someone who is and we can get something positive happening for your company – even if you can’t have Wednesdays off.

I can guarantee you that productivity and morale in the office will increase in exchange for a small financial outlay.

Why wouldn’t you do it?

Let’s chat if you want to get something happening or know someone who can.