Did you see the list the other day of the Macquarie Dictionary Word Of The Year?

I just assumed that the word of the year would be ‘unprecedented times’.

And I don’t know about you, but that word is just about to do my head in.

It’s a lazy way to say that 2020 caused a shake up that may well have been needed in a lot of instances.

Anyways, the word that won the people’s choice award was Karen.

Kinda accurate cause anytime some crazy white lady is going nuts it’s now commonly known as a Karen moment.

I do feel sorry for those who are named Karen though.

They copped a bad wrap.

And is there a name for the typical old angry white man? If there’s not, I’ll propose it be called having an Allan Jones.

What do you think?

He seems to always be on his high horse about one thing or another which is kinda ironic considering the skeletons in his past.

Back on track though, I think the real word for 2020 should be ‘innovation’.

Think about it.

Any business that is still around has had to be creative and innovate one way or another.

Otherwise they would’ve gone under for sure.

When we were in the thick of it all, the cafes and the like had to come up with a way to still get food that wasn’t all soggy and stale into the hands of their customers who could only get takeaway or home delivery.

One of our locals realised that their eggs benedict would be pretty crap if they didn’t seperate all the ingredients. 

So you could put it together when you got home and pour the hollandaise sauce on fresh so it wasn’t all soggy by the time you ate it.

And as you know with DPM we had to quickly revert to zoom when our groups got shut down.

I would’ve likely gone under if we didn’t have that option.

Sure it wasn’t perfect for everyone.

BUT it got most people through a tough time.

We are still using zoom now even though those lockdown restrictions are long gone.

In fact, for our city group during the week there are more people on zoom than in person.

I also do personal training sessions strictly on zoom now which makes it easy for everyone.

All of that got me thinking how I can continue to innovate for 2021 and it led me to this.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

In fact I want to increase the reach of zoom next year to allow me to be able to help more people with their fitness goals.

Is that something you’d be interested in?

Basically this means that no matter where you are in Australia (or the world for that matter), you can join in with our DPM workouts virtually.

It’ll also work if you were previously on board with our sessions but had to stop due to work hours or family reasons.

All you need to do is dial in from your lounge room.

I’ll even shout you 2 weeks free to get you started (as I normally do for those who join me in person).  Your investment after that 2 weeks?

I’ll hook you up with the special rate that I offered to the DPMers when we first started – $150/mth if you join before December 31.

Then it will be increased to the same amount as the in person sessions, but you’ll be locked in on your $150/mth if you do it before then obviously)


We’ve got just under 2 weeks left of training for this year left so you can join in on those sessions right away.

So how about it?

Maybe it’s the perfect way to get a head start on a fitness kick start without having to wait until the new year.

Any questions? Just hit reply and lets start a conversation.


PS – if you want to see the full list of ‘awards’ you can find them here

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