You may remember me mentioning a while back about a ‘wonder drug’ that is great for helping you lose weight. Not to mention your overall health. And all that kinda good stuff.

That wonder drug is of course physical exercise.

But an article I came across last week reinforces this point even more.

And this time it puts a different spin on it.

Apart from the benefits I mentioned earlier, there’s another pretty cool one that is super important to us as well.

Especially seeing as neither of us are 21 anymore.

And in fact a number of DPMers have reached a magical birthday or two, so that puts an even greater focus on this.

A study that was published in the Journal for Alzheimers Disease found that “remaining as physically fit as possible, and monitoring central arterial health, may well be an important, cost-effective way to maintain our memory and other brain functions in older age.”

This arterial health thing is important cause if you think about it, your arteries are what allows your blood to travel around your body and if they become stiff, the pressure that is needed to pump that blood around the body gets higher – meaning more stress on the body.

The other interesting thing the study findings point out, is that apart from physical activity, there is no drug that has proven effective in the long term in reducing this decline in brain functioning or staving off dementia.

Once again, apart from physical activity.

So if you have a history of this bitch of an illness in your family lines, like I do, this should give you even more comfort in the fact you’ve decided to lead an active lifestyle.

Makes sense right?

So put simply in a nutshell, get fit and stay fit and you’ll go a long way to stopping the onset (or early onset) of these types of conditions later on in life.

Win-win I’d say.


PS – if you need help getting something together with your fitness solution, I’d love to be able to help you. Just let me know and we can see what we can do.

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