Santa’s come early.

Cause it’s Christmas I’ve put on my Santa hat this week.

I’m having a contest.

Wanna win something?

I mean who doesn’t like to get some freebies.

So here’s the deal.

Go in the running for an early Christmas present to yourself.

Fill-in your details on the link below and confess to your most embarrassing,

or worst ‘boot camp or gym’ experience.

What can you win?

How bout a chance to win a 3 month “Busy Mums Transformation Package consisting of unlimited DPM Small Group Training.

($747 of real value!)

In simple words, that means you can come to as many DPM sessions as you like during that time frame

(space permitting of course – as it stands now the Wednesday Lilyfield group is waiting list only).

There’s no catch, except for you picking a spot on my current session timetable.

Or if you can’t train in person, I’ll shout you an Online Coaching plan for the same 3 months.

This is where you get a new follow along at home workout each month, plus regular accountability check ins with me each Friday via email.

Now here’s where it gets good.

Normally with these type of contests,

you’ve got to jump through a thousand hoops just to get into the chance.

Like it’s only available to people who haven’t trained with me or any of that rubbish.

But not me.

I’m not excluding DPMers.

So if you are a DPMer you can win.

And if you do win, I’ll put your payments on hold for the 3 months.


Wanna win?

Go here now and tell me your story!

And tell your friends too.

Entries close Thursday midnight – December 21.

I’ll be choosing the best entry on Friday.

So you got a couple of days to come up with a good story.

Get cracking.

Entry form is below

Good luck!



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