Keeping the theme running from yesterdays message with exercise and ageing with this little pearler today.

And this one is very relevant for us.

Especially if you’ve seen your 40’s in your rear view mirror already.

Or for those of us who still haven’t crossed that big 5-0 yet, this will be worth checking out cause it’ll be relevant to us soon.

It’s a common held thought that we’re expected to see our health to decline in older age.

But a report from the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that poor health is actually due to a drop in fitness levels and not just cause the person got old.

Very interesting finding.

So the obvious case in point is that we’re less likely to experience that decline if we look after ourselves and stay healthy and fit.

Once again, a kinda no brainer – but when research that’s actually from a reputable source backs it up, well that’s always reassuring to know that we’re both on the right path with what we’re doing with our lives.

And if that helps makes the early winter starts and getting along to your DPM session more bearable, then that’s only a good thing right?

Cause none of us want to be opening ourselves to being more exposed to poor health as we get older right?

Especially when we’ve all got a hand that our genes already have handed us of things we’re more likely to be at risk of.

The other cool thing here is that there is going to be a massive need for age appropriate fitness solutions for older people.

And in saying that, I’m not just putting us in that ‘older’ category.

I’m talking about age appropriate exercise for those in the 70-90’s age bracket.

Cause you know as well as I do, that you can put one 75 year old who’s kept active all their life next to another 75 year old who’s in a nursing home and in a bad way.

Not through bad luck like getting early onset dementia or cancer or whatever but just through pure lifestyle choices.

I know I don’t want that to be me.

So maybe that’s my calling and where things will head with DPM down the track – who knows.

I may well be the 60 year old trainer getting the 70 and 80 year olds moving on the greens of the local lawn bowls club.

But the end point of all of this stuff is a massive reduction in the burden on the health system.

With the ageing population, expenses are obviously rising when it comes to long term medical costs and treatments.

If we can get more recognition and awareness around this fact for people 70 plus to get (or keep) moving, than the health insurance premiums, and taxes that you and I pay before we reach that age won’t have to skyrocket as much to cover the other costs.

And we’re going to be in a better position when we actually get to that age – both in the hip pocket and the health cards that we’re facing.

That’s a win-win for every age bracket.



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