Let me have a wild stab in the dark for a minute.

Ok, maybe it’s not such a wild stab.

More likely this’ll be spot on.

Or if it’s not, was at some point.

Do you ever get any of these throughs running through your head?

* “I’d love to lose some kgs but I don’t have time to do anything about it”

* “I spend half the night after the kids go to bed sitting on the lounge, eating a block of chocolate and drinking half a bottle of wine just to destress”

* Joke about your situation with your friends because you’re embarrassed by the weight thats crept on

* Despite how it makes you feel, continue the cycle and still eat the chocolate bar and drink the wine when you know it doesn’t help – cause it helps in that exact moment

* Say “I’ll start back on monday and get serious again” only to find Monday comes and you find another excuse not to start

How did I know?

Am I some all-seeing psychic?

Or as my Nanna used to say back when she was alive “I think I must be psyche”


More so, I’ve just worked with plenty of busy mums who were in those exact same positions.

And have used those exact same words to describe how they felt at one particular time of their life.

That is until they stepped up and became part of the DPM team.

Just remember that all is never lost.

It is never as bad as you image it to be.

And the one thing I do know that nothing changes until the pain that comes from not making a change becomes greater than the pain that you’re currently in.

Besides, like I’ve mentioned before, the ‘pain’ that comes from what we do at DPM is mainly self imagined.

You won’t get flogged until you vomit when you first come down.

You’ll start easy and work you way up from that.

You won’t be embarrassed or belittled cause of what you can or can’t do.

You’ll feel part of the team from day one.

That I can assure you.

Maybe you know someone whose mind you can help ease with this email?

Maybe this is the perfect reminder to help them get started?

I’d appreciate if you can please pass on my details and this link:


I’ll hook em up with 2 weeks free to test drive the complete DPM system to see if we’re a good fit for each other.


PS – thanks for spreading the word. I appreciate you helping me help them.


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