If you’ve been playing along at home and following what I write for a while now, 

you’ll no doubt recall the amount of times I’ve written before how I think the whole eating healthy is more expensive line is a complete load of rubbish.

More so, it’s just an excuse for people not making the right choices at the supermarket.

Case in point, a can of beans or lentils or any other type of legume will set you back around $1 give or take. 

Depending on whether you buy the home brand or the name brand.

A 1kg bag of carrots sets you back less than $2.

Even if you go down the frozen vegetables route, you can score a 1kg bag of a variety of vegetables from anywhere from $1.60-$3 according to a quick search of the woolies website.

And the same search shows 1kg of bananas are $3Sure some vegetables and fruits can be expensive deepening on when you buy them.

Some meat can be too.

No argument there.

But surely you’re getting my point right?

When you shop in season and shop smart things aren’t as expensive as people would like to make it out to be.

Especially when you take the examples above and those options are giving you more than 1 meal.

Compared to a thai dish for example that’s going to be $10 give or take and you’ll need a few of them to feed your family.

I’m going to assume we’re on the same page here yeah?

And finally it seems more people are actually using their brain and realising this.

In fact, there’s an article on Choice from 2017 that I came across that mentioned:

“Research… published in the journal BMC Public Health last year found that healthy diets consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines are cheaper than Australians’ current diets, which tend to be less healthy. 

Interesting right?

How come a bigger deal isn’t being made of this?

Obviously I get that big companies pushing fast food options are going to play on the convenience and ‘expense’ of eating healthier.

But the marketers of the so called “Fresh Food People” can surely aim their next big budget advertising spend on this fact? And push more people to their fresh food section?

What do you think?


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