Over the years I can say that I’ve worked with literally hundreds and hundreds of people.

After all, I have been around for 11 years next month.

That in itself is kinda mind blowing when I think about it.

And sure, over the years pretty much everyone comes because they want to lose weight,

and fit back in their skinny jeans that they haven’t worn since before they got pregnant the first time.

You could confidently say they all want to feel better and have more energy too.

All those things are important.

Very important.


When you think about it,

they could pretty much find that info on the internet for free if they really wanted to.

Sure, there’s a lot of conflicting information and confusion out there and it helps to have someone like me to cut through the BS.

Soon enough though they’d come across something they like the look of and give it a go if they were so inclined.

The main reason without a doubt why people invest in joining DPM,

cause when you think about it, it really is an investment.

An investment in YOU.

An investment in your future.

An investment in making sure that things finally get back on track.

Back on track though, the main reason why they REALLY join is because of one word:


* Because they have somewhere to be at a set time.

And someone to check up on them if they don’t do what they said they would do

* Because they have a plan that works to follow and don’t have to think about anything 

And someone to check up on them if they don’t follow it.

* Because there’s someone like me that actually gives two hoots if you do what you said you would do.

I don’t do it to bug you, 

it’s to hold you accountable.

Because that’s why they started in the first place.

The real truth is you’re only ever going to achieve anything in life if someone holds you accountable.

Like when you constantly have to ask your kids to do something right?

You’re keeping them accountable.

To pick up their toys, to put their books away.

Just like that.

Without the “I’ve already asked you 3 times” stern voice!

So if you feel like somethings missing and you need that extra little bit of accountability to actually follow through and do what you said you would do,

and to finally help you get back in those skinny dreams, 

instead of it being just another ‘one day’ dream,

today is the day to hit reply and get the ball rolling.

We can work out what DPM option will work for you.

There’s one on one, small group training and online coaching solutions that we can make fit your busy lifestyle.

All you have to do is take the first step.

Hit reply now and get the conversation started.



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