Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Do you even eat breakfast?

To be honest, I reckon the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is overrated.

It’s been years since I’ve ate a regular breakfast.

These days I prefer to practice an intermittent fasting approach for the most part of the week.

That might or might not be for you and it’s a conversation for another day.
But if you are a fan of breakfast each day, this is for you.

Especially if you find that you always seem to be hungry after eating breakfast, or find yourself starving an hour after you’ve eaten.

And unlike most things when it comes to food and health, this one has a simple answer.

Chances are if this is you, you’re eating the old traditional breakfast of a bowl of cereal with milk.

And if you look at the nutritional information panel on the back of the packet, not the flashy marketing on the front, you’ll notice that the protein and fat content is pretty low, while the sugar component is pretty high.

As a result you don’t get to experience that sense of fullness – cause those two nutrients are the ones that fill you up the best.

You might even notice the same if your go-to choice is a couple of pieces of toast from the cafe where you grab your coffee.


So what should you have if you are the type of person that needs to eat everyday.

You could go the old school DPM advice of chicken or turkey breast and even add a side of veggies. But I get that isn’t appetising for everyone first thing in the morning.

I could try and convince you that you’ll get used to that, which is true, but I’m also here to provide realistic options.

How about eggs?

Could you whip up a quick omelette and throw in a couple of veggies on top like avocado and whatever else you can easily grab?

Could you whip up some healthy pancakes like I feature in the Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook that all DPMers have access to?

And if you’re determined to have some type of cereal option, you could always go a muesli base and throw some yogurt (greek yoghurt is the highest protein, lowest sugar option). Throw some nuts on top of that and you’re sweet.

Don’t forget the old protein shake option too. You could always make one of those up easily. 

My only tip for those is to buy a decent brand – one that has minimal ingredients and not artificial sweeteners and all the other rubbish.

They cost a couple of bucks more, but you’re better off (and fuller) in the long run.

My unbiased choice is the Healthy Chef brand by Teresa Cutter (I don’t get commission, I just like her products).

As for me, on the days where I do have breakfast, it’s a cafe special bacon and eggs (with a bit of spinach or avocado or whatever on the side) with some sourdough too.

I also don’t mind the shake pancake mix that’s based on buckwheat flour with some fruit and yoghurt on top when I’m at home with the girls.Or maybe you have something else that works for you if you’re a breaky person?

Let me know your go-to option.


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