You may remember a couple of weeks back I asked a question about whether I should bring the Small Business Dads podcast for another season?

Well it’s coming back.

So good news if this interests you.

If not, you may know someone who it might be a good listen for.

Last year I pumped out 53 episodes somehow.

This season will definitely not have that many – I’ll be happy to get to 22 to be honest to round it off at 75 in total.

I’m thinking of doing things a little different this year and just having a free flowing chat (which a lot of the episodes ended up being anyways) and seeing how that works.

Which brings me to this question:

Who should I interview?

Obviously the qualifier is that they run a small business and are a dad who actually gives a crap about their kids.

Not just someone who focuses on their business 24-7.

Remember, this isn’t about business owners that have made millions and are killing it all the time.

I think it makes it more real if we have blokes that are just doing their best at combining both roles without one excluding the other.

I’m keen to go back and maybe chat with a couple of blokes from last season too, so if you were a listener, let me know which ones were your favourites and I’ll go back and ask them for round two.

So back to the question – do you know anyone who’d make a good chat?

It may even be you.

I’m always happy to give preference to DPMers, or partners of DPMers.

Hopefully the relaunch is a couple of weeks away, so stay tuned.


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