Good ole Cup Day again.

So who you on?

I love this time of year even though the race itself usually leaves a bit to be desired.

Give me Derby Day any day of the week.

But the cool thing about the Melbourne Cup is it draws in pretty much anyone with a heartbeat.

Even my mum texted me last night and asked me to put $5 each way on a horse for her cause the name reminded her of a perfume her sister (who died 25 years ago) used to wear.

And everyone has an opinion on who will win.

For mine, it’s always a lottery.

Basically throw a dart at the form guide and back whatever it lands on.

As the 100/1 winner last year showed.

To be honest, you’ve just got as much chance picking a winner by picking the horse with the best looking silks or best sounding name.

Just like we got Emily to do last night.

She said she wanted to pick the horse with the purple jockey.

Kid could be a punting genius so I had to put some coin on it for her.

And she probably has more chance than the horse I backed too!

Just quietly it looks a decent horse too.

That’s the beauty of it.

Besides getting an almost 3 year old into gambling early!

All of this leads me to my point for today.

The way I see it losing weight is a lot like the Melbourne Cup.

Anyone has a chance to succeed.

You just need the right run of the race so-to-speak.

By that I mean while you may not necessarily have the best form leading up

(read years of doing pretty much nothing of what you should have been doing)

or the best barrier draw

(the best genes to draw on – just like me I drew the short straw in that pool too)

You are still in with a chance.

All you need is the best run of the race.

By that I mean you just need to be in the right place at the right time.

Ready to time your run and hit the trigger when you need to.

That trigger is the DPM 3 Day Detox.

Whether things get a little out of control after a few big weekends and you just need to reign it back in again

or whether you’re starting from scratch and haven’t done much lately,

this 3 day game plan is the perfect answer.

And it guarantees your result.

I just wish I was as certain of backing a winner today as I am that this program is the right solution for any busy woman short on time that wants to lose those stubborn 5-10kg.


PS – If you are keen to join our early morning small group sessions (and get the inside mail on our detox game plan) just hit reply and we can chat about what might fit best for you and what you want to achieve 

PPS – for what it’s worth I’m on Heartbreak City – put this bet on a month ago so I might as well stick with it


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