Remember Friday is the deadline to qualify for the freebies that are on offer.

All you gotta do is get a friend or 3 along to one of our sessions.

Don’t worry, they don’t have to join to get the gear.

Get them along and you score.

They have 2 weeks on the house to check it out, 

see if what we do is what they’re looking for.

And if they’re a good fit for us.

But I’m assuming if they’re a friend of yours then they’d fit in just fine.

You can reassure them that unlike a pushy gym, 

there’s no hard sell.

Cause I only want people involved who are just like us.

You can help twist their arm mentioning about the $200 gift card to any restaurant of your choice that you’ll both get when they’ve been around for 6 months though…

Who doesn’t love a free feed at a nice restaurant?

I’ll organise your freebies while they’re enjoying their freebie of 2 weeks of DPM action on the house.

So what do you get?

* Bring 1 friend along for their 2 week ‘taster’ and get a special edition DPM ‘referral’ singlet

* Bring 2 friends along for their 2 week ‘taster’ and get a special edition DPM ‘referral’ t-shirt

* Bring 3 friends along for their 2 week ‘taster’ and get a special edition DPM ‘referral’ hoodie 

And as per usual, when your friend decides to join us after their 2 week taster is up, you’ll get your FREE month rebate.

PLUS after they’ve been a part of Team DPM for 6 months, you will BOTH get a $200 gift card to have dinner on me at any restaurant of your choice.

But the clock’s ticking.

You’ve got until Friday to register them.

Sure, they can start next week or the week after.

Just get them registered to qualify.

When they actually turn up I’ll order your gear.

Got someone who may be keen?

Forward them this email and send them here:


Just to clarify,

If you bring 2 friends along, you get both the singlet and the t-shirt.

Get a third along and I’ll hook you up with the hoodie too.

Yep the full set.

Got more than 3 friends keen?

Let me know and I’ll hook up something pretty cool for you on top of all the above!

And to be honest, you may have to ask a couple of people to get a yes so just think who can you ask?

Post a Facebook post.

Same for linked in.

Send a text or three to some friends or family.

Need something to use?

Hit reply and ask and I can put something together that you can swipe.

As usual, I appreciate you spreading the DPM word.




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